What to eat?

I am on the run a lot and don’t have the time I would like to, to cook.(Not very good at it anyway) So I have figured out how to stay close to the paleo diet while on the go and enjoy it! Here are a couple local spots I like to stop by:

1. Chipolte Menu Link– They specialize in burritos but instead of the tortilla get the salad bowl. I then get double meat, extra vegetables, pico-de gallo, and maybe some guacamole. Perfect clean eating meal. Now to change it up sometimes I add a minimal amount of maybe rice, black beans, or corn none of which is Paleo. Avg. Cost about $8-$11

2. Free Birds FreeBirds Link– Very similar to Chipolte but I think they have a couple more options. Again instead of the burritos I get the “Freedom Salad” no rice, no beans, no cheese, double meat, lots of roasted veggies, a salsa, some onions, and maybe some lime juice on top. Avg. cost about $9-$12

3. Yummy Yummy menu link or Genghis Grill nutritional link– These two places are paleo heaven, build a bowl with a variety of meat and vegetables and then season it how you want and they cook it all together for you. Yummy Yummy is a little bit cheaper ($7.95 compared to about $9) but the bowl seems a bit smaller, all in all great places check out the links.

4. Panda Express Meal Builder link– Another great place! Meats, vegetables, and also good flavored un-sweetened teas. You can order two different meats and instead of a starch fresh vegetables. Average cost about $8-10.

5. Van Thongs menu link– This is a local place here in Conroe but may be my favorite. Great little small establishment and if you would like to check it out and eat healthy go there and tell them the guys from the gym (CrossFit Conroe) sent you for the bowl, trust me its great! Average cost $9-$11

These are just a few healthy hot spots I visit on the regular for healthy eating on the go. Its very important that we have options that we like when trying to reach our fitness goals so try these spots and let me know what you think.


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